Abu Dhabi toll fee registration process

Abu Dhabi has invented a new procedure within Dubai on how you can toll. People who want to reduce the toll have invented a new method. He will open his account and it will be deducted from his account number. He will not have to pay the toll separately, Abu Dhabi toll fee registration process

What earlier you used to pay 100 dirhams now it will be deducted from your account number 50 AED. And this account number will be opened on your vehicle number according to your vehicle number. And the toll will be deducted from it.

UAE toll system

Dubai has a system where they put a piece of paper on the front of your car that every time you pass a toll they have a system that scans it and takes money from your account. Let’s take it out, this system has been running since 2007.

When you pass through a toll plaza within the United Arab Emirates, you have to pay the toll, which is also deducted from your account. will be cut so you can make two hundred in a month.

How to register for toll in Abu Dhabi

For this follow the steps that are necessary

  • Go to the original website of drbs system
  • Register vehicle
  • Provide all information according to your vehicle
  • select payment method
  • click pay and your vehicle will register

Peak hour toll fees

Let us also tell you here that even within Dubai, tolls are very high, as if you pass through the toll plaza from 5 to 9 in the morning or from 7 to 9 in the evening, you will have to pay more. It means that your money will cost you four dirhams every time you pass, Abu Dhabi toll fee registration process

Note : goverment services , bikes, social, health, millitary are free for toll

If you don’t recharge your account and don’t have money in your account, no one will come to toll Plaza with a penalty. If you pass it for the second time, then two hundred and then more than two of the four hundred and ninety will be seen and your fine will increase.

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