Barwaqt App is Banned in Pakistan says, cabinet division

Pakistan’s Cabinet Division has warned the public that applications posing as loans Barwaqt App are stealing people’s data and information.

The Cabinet Division of Pakistan has issued a statement declaring that an application launched inside Pakistan under the guise of a Barwaqt loan is a scam that acquires people’s personal information and transmits it to other countries. OliveCash, like Barwaqt, is allegedly involved in illegal activities in Pakistan, according to him.

Barwaqt App loan instant loan

People in Pakistan have been defrauded under the name of submitting a timely application in the previous few days. This application’s advertisement is displayed on a variety of platforms. And individuals are receiving a variety of loans, with this application giving loans extremely quickly. People who find themselves in tough circumstances might obtain a timely loan at a very high-interest rate.

The Cabinet Division has sent a notification to several offices informing the public about this application and emphasizing that they should avoid providing personal information because this application would reveal a wealth of information. It is prohibited to take it from you and misuse it.

Barwaqt Response

Barwaqt indicated on this occasion that his firm is registered with the SECP of Pakistan. Which registers digital networks and digital apps in Pakistan, and it does not sell customer data anywhere or to the wrong people.

And he stated that our firm employs between one thousand and thirty-five hundred individuals and that we are developing it further. Our next goal is to employ up to thirty-five hundred people. Will be able to pay back the loan in manageable monthly payments.

He went on to say that the SECP’s tweet has now also publicized the tweet and claimed that our application has been authorized by Pakistan’s digital network.

Barwaqt App

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