Bike rider Jobs in Dubai

Jobs have been announced for motorcyclists who can ride a motorcycle well. These jobs are in Dubai for those who want to go to Dubai or live in Dubai and have a license to ride a motorcycle. So this is a great opportunity for them to apply here and get a job Bike rider Job in Dubai.

People who live in Pakistan and want to go to Dubai should read this ad in full. After reading this, call them according to the contact numbers given to them. And get all the information from here so that you can be easily sent to Dubai and you can easily get a job there.

Jobs details

Let me tell you clearly that this job advertisement has been given through a private agent. He also provides visas to Dubai. If you have the potential to do the job today, please contact us. His salary will be about two thousand dirhams and you will be given seven dirhams for each delivery. At the same time, the person who will get the delivery after delivering to you can also give you some extra tape which will be very beneficial for you. Bike rider Jobs in Dubai

Total salary 1900 dirham

More information

Also, let me tell you that you have to have your own residence in Dubai. And you will have to arrange your own food. You have to pay the visa fee here which is one hundred and twenty-five thousand rupees. Also, if you do not have a license, you will get a license to ride a motorcycle. Then you will have to pay the fee separately, which can be two to three lakhs. If you learn quickly, you will get it quickly. And the job will be found soon.


Bike rider Jobs in Dubai

At the same time let me tell you that there are a lot of vacancies these days. And if you want to get information about all these things then keep visiting here.

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