Office boy job in the United Arab Emirates

A job has been announced in the United Arab Emirates. This job is for people who want to work in Dubai. This job is an office boy’s job. People who are unemployed are looking for a job. You can apply

At the same time, I would like to tell you that no special education is required for the job of office boy, but one of their conditions is that the person who wants to get this job should speak and understand English. I will come easily. The servant will be given more priority and will know English easily

Job Detail

jobname: Office boy

Number of jobs: 01

Let me tell you one thing here that for this job of an office boy, a company which is an insurance company needs an office boy. For this, the number of vacancies is only one. You can submit your application at this link

How to apply

If you live in Dubai and you want to get the same position then here is how to apply for it. Before applying, first, create your CV on this link and fill in all your data according to the requirements. Submit your application by clicking on the Apply option.

Terms and conditions

There are no explicit requirements for this job. You have to submit your application first. The company will call you after submitting the application. You will be interviewed. According to the advertisement, your experience should be at least one year and at most two years. You will be given this job.


At the same time, we are going to tell you that in addition to Dubai United Arab Emirates we are going to tell you the details of Qatar and the vacancies that are announced here if you have not got any job and abroad. If you live in Gulf countries, keep visiting our website and we will keep you informed about the jobs.

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