Punjab budget 2022-23 Pakistan is announced

The Punjab government has announced the budget. For the first time, the Punjab government has made the employees happy. The salaries of the employees have been increased by a total of 30% with 15% ad hoc and the remaining 15% special allowance.

At the same time let me tell you that the Punjab government has also increased the pension of pensioners. It has been heard that the pension has been increased by about 15%.

And it is also a pleasure for the employees that their pay scale has been revised. All ad hoc has been included in the basic pay which will greatly benefit the employees and their basic pay will be paid. Total budget of punjab is 3226 arab

South punjab budget 2022-2023

The Punjab Govt proposed 240 arab for the region of South Punjab. In this package all infrastructre and development fund is included

Government of Punjab provided to health is total 125 arab and 34 cror In this health budget Insaf sehat card is also included

In the budget 2022-2023 social sector budget is 272 arab and 60 cror as well as, for WASA 7 arab is provided

In Education 485 arab is provided and for higher education 59 arab and 421 arab for school education. And as well as PEF and PEIMA fund is included.

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