Send CNIC number to 786 to avail petrol Subsidy

In a news conference in Islamabad, Pakistan’s finance minister stated that people who want to buy fuel could do so. Subsidy on fuel products should submit a Send CNIC number to 786 on their identity card to receive a subsidy on petroleum items. On 786, there are no SMS fees. You can send them SMS for free.

According to Finance Minister Miftah Ismail, this subsidy is for people who get help under the Benazir Income Support Program. The finance ministry also stated that approximately 14 million individuals would receive subsidies, including 7.3 million persons employed under the Benazir Income Support Program and receiving support. There are more, and they will receive a Rs 2,000 discount on gasoline products.

He went on to say that the other 6.7 million people would be eligible for subsidized gasoline products if they sent an SMS to their identity card number 786, and their eligibility would be determined based on whether their monthly income was less than 40,000.

He went on to say that Pakistan’s government had borne the burden of Rs 28 billion. And will subsidize 28 billion gallons of fuel products that meet the criteria. The Finance Ministry also stated that low-cost diesel would be distributed to the underprivileged in order to make their lives simpler. Also, don’t settle for anything less than your maximum potential.

Petroleum situation in Pakistan

The price of petroleum goods in Pakistan has risen in recent days, reaching roughly Rs. There has been a storm of inflation, and every poor person is quite concerned about it. As a result, the government has decided to provide assistance to the people while keeping this in mind.

The rationale for the hike in petroleum products, according to Finance Minister Muftah Ismail. Is to obtain a loan from the International Monetary Fund. The power will then be strengthened, allowing it to readily lend to the IMF.

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