Technician jobs in Saudia Arabs for Pakistani

There are excellent career chances in Saudi Arabia for Pakistanis who desire to work there, as well as excellent wage packages and many other benefits. Technician jobs in Saudia

It has a large number of job openings. These occupations are for Pakistanis who have some of the following unique skills: Technician AC Technician, Boiler Technician, electronic technician, laundry machine technician, generator technician, photocopy technician, medical gas technician, and so on. This advertisement will appear in an express newspaper on May 17, 2022.

Jobs details

Post NameNo. Posts
AC Technician15
Boiler Technician12
Telephone Technician10
Generator Technician13
Electronics Technician20
Fire Fighting Technician04
Home Appliances10
Laundry Technician11
lift Technician14
Photocopier Technician13

All of these categories’ classifications are not listed in the above home. There are several distinct job openings in it. This item can be seen inside. If the wage is included, the Saudi riyals can range from eighteen hundred to two thousand. Technician jobs in Saudia

How to apply

The application process is significantly different. You will be expected to follow Saudi Arabian regulations. According to Saudi Arabian law, you will be given all amenities. The test is simple to complete, and the interview will be conducted. It clearly states where the interview will take place. The interview location is specified in the posting. 


Technician jobs in Saudia

Terms and conditions

There are some specific conditions because there will be eight hours of duty, as there are for each company. The promised period has now been extended to two years. Other perks will be provided in accordance with Saudi labor law. Bring your original passport, as well as a three-year diploma and a five-year experience letter. All the visa and ticket payment will be paid here

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