Ufone sim lagao offer code and detail

As you know, we give our user the network for free sim, and then the customer stops using it after a few days. After using it for a few days, the customer uses the new SIM offer to remove the SIM from his mobile phone and after some time, he wants to re-use it. U fone is given to those with a close sim from 2 months. Ufone sim lagao offer

By installing an old Ufone SIM, you will get 6,000 MB and 6,000 Ufone to Ufone minutes. You can avail of this offer for one month without any charges. You can use this offer for one month

Sim Lagao code and details

Dial *5000# for this offer. At the same time let us tell you that this will be the code for you to know the dial *707# details of the remaining SMS and MB. And the status of the remaining SMS and MB will be clear to you. Ufone sim lagao offer

Let me also give you one more piece of information here. If you use this offer then after that if you load 50 rupees then you will be given another 50 minutes 50 MB and 50 such minutes on daily basis.

Terms and conditions

  • Keep in mind that the free offer that you will get, that is, the SIM card offer, will get you 50 minutes, 50 MB, and 50 SMS on a daily basis.
  • If you use the balance of 5 rupees more, you will get another 50 MBA, 50 SMS, and 50 minutes, now they will give the same, and you can use it.
  • You can check the status by dialing *707#
  • Ufone sim lagao offer can be ended at anytime
  • You can use this offer in the area of 2G/3G/4G area service

Within this article, we have told you about Ufone SIM lagao Offer. People who have Ufone sim and they want to use the internet and that SIM is off for 30 days then can use Ufone on their close sim. You can use Ufone Minutes and MBBS SMS.

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